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I write mainly for kids. I contribute to magazines locally. You will soon see my books in the market.I plan to write in other languages as well. I want my stories to be read all around the world.

My Publication Details:

Manuscripts under contract:

Tell Tales from Treasure chest' by Crimson Cloak Publishing USA

Miss Never Pleased' by Crimson Cloak Publishing USA

Peeper and the Peeping Boy' by Crimson Cloak Publishing USA

Seerah Series through Stories' by Fehm-e-Deen Publications Pakistan

You can read my contributions at Radiance Magazine Pakistan, The Truth International and Hiba Magazine online blog

What Will You Learn Here?

Diverse Books

You can read about diverse books, characters and literature from underrepresented areas.

Flash Fiction

Words Shaker takes you to imaginative journeys through flash fiction and short stories where amazing characters await you.

Social Talk

You can discuss the social stories and gain moral insights. These social stories sparks the social interest in children.

Learning Resources

Learners' Treasure Chest has a lot of exciting games, lesson plans, and ideas to develop the love of learning.

WordsCatcher Is Read Worldwide!

Words Catcher flies everywhere with its seive like ears to catch the unspoken words. It pens the words and develops inspiring tales for the children all around the world.

On its way it chants:

A word has the power to shake

the silence of heart it breaks,

the sleeping soul it wakes,

it soothes the heart aches.

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